What's your UTR-P?

THE UTR-P Rating

Is for Everyone

The UTR Pickleball Rating (UTR-P) is for players of all ages at all levels from beginner to pro. Players with match results see a rating on a numerical scale of 1-10.0. Players without enough match results will receive a provisional rating (P1-P5) based on questionnaire results. The rating automatically converts from provisional to numerical and moves up or down based on results.


FAQS about utr pickleball rating

FAQS about utr pickleball rating

What are the new UTR-P Rating changes?

We have exciting news! The UTR Pickleball Rating (UTR-P) has undergone a significant update, expanding its scale and including a new numerical component. 

Equipped with over a decade of expertise as the creator of the gold-standard UTR Rating for tennis, UTR Sports offers the most reliable global rating for pickleball. 

The UTR-P is designed to rate every kind of player, whether you're just swinging your first paddle or smashing your way through pro-level tournaments.

Players without match results will receive a provisional rating (P1-P5) based on their questionnaire results. After a few matches, this converts to a reliable decimal rating on a scale of 1 - 10.0.

How does the UTR-P Rating scale work?


P1 = Beginner – New to the game with minimal racquet sports experience (numerical rating equivalent of 1)

P2 = Social/Casual – Plays on occasion for fun and can maintain rallies (numerical rating equivalent of 2)

P3 = Intermediate – Has a solid understanding of basics and strategic knowledge with an interest in competitive play (numerical rating equivalent of 3)

P4 = Advanced – Consistent shot maker who can compete in advanced-level tournaments (numerical rating equivalent of 4.0 - 4.9)

P5 = Expert/Pro – Master of all shots and strategies who participates at the highest levels of competition (numerical rating equivalent of 5.0 - 10.0)

The algorithm counts singles, doubles, verified, and unverified ratings separately and it changes dynamically to keep your rating as accurate as possible.

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Why pickleball?

Our club partners have been asking us to offer our best-in-class solutions for this growing sport and we are happy to deliver! Together we will continue to elevate the players’ experience by launching the UTR-P Rating and event solutions for this new sport. UTR Sports is now your home for everything tennis AND pickleball.

I play pickleball. How do I get my rating?

All current tennis club customers can access the new pickleball event management software at no additional upfront cost.

All players can get a FREE UTR-P Rating within minutes. If you're new to UTR Sports, click here by clicking here. If you already have a UTR Tennis Rating, click here.

I don’t play pickleball. Do I have to have a rating for it?

No. You have a choice! Providers and players will have the ability to choose tennis only, pickleball only, or both sports.

You can personalize your settings as you desire.