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The free CBR Rating is a rating for 12-and-under players who play red, orange, and green ball. The CBR Rating ranges from R1 to G3 and emphasizes progression to earn a UTR Rating to use in yellow ball play upon completion.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CBR Rating?

The Color Ball Rating (CBR Rating) is a rating for 12 and under players who play red, orange, and green ball matches and tournaments. The CBR Rating ranges from red (R1) to orange (O1 or O2), and finally, green (G1, G2, or G3). 

Players make progress towards their eventual UTR Rating for yellow ball by doing three things: playing often, playing well, and competing in the next color ball level events when they are ready.

How does a player get a CBR Rating if they’re new to UTR Sports?

Parents or guardians download the iOS or Android app or go to www.utrsports.net and create an account. As you complete the "Get Rated" section, you’ll be asked two simple questions, “Are you a color ball player?” If yes, you will be prompted to answer, “What ball type do you mostly play with currently?”

Once completed, the CBR Rating will populate. If the player has already played some red, orange, or green ball matches and/or tournaments, you might be able to even claim your players’ profile with past results and a CBR Rating.

Parents can easily search for events nearby, where they’ll also find camps, clinics, level-based matchplay, along with other nearby playing opportunities. Parents are also encouraged to reach out to their local tennis clubs and providers about our color ball events.

Am I restricted to playing in events that are only my ball color?

No. Kids can play up or down as you wish and we don’t restrict players from advancing. For instance, if a player currently has a CBR Rating of G3, but his or her coach and/or family feel that the player is ready to play yellow ball events, then a player is free to register for yellow ball events.

The same goes for the other way around. If you play green ball matches and tournaments, you can still play in lower level orange ball events.

How do I improve my CBR Rating?

Do Your Best – Performing well in matches is the easiest way to improve your CBR Rating. If the match is out of hand, don’t give up! Whether you play higher- or lower-rated opponents, you can improve your CBR Rating by winning more games than would be expected.

Play Often – The more you play, the quicker your rating will reflect your current skills. The CBR Rating is especially accurate for those who play frequently against a variety of partners who are also working on their rating level

Consistency – By consistently competing in CBR Rating events, you can continue to develop your skills at each level, improve your rating, and you should be progressing to your UTR Rating in no time!

How do I find color ball events?

Click here to see all Color Ball events near you!

Parents can also easily search for events near them on the UTR Sports iOS and Android apps, where they’ll also find camps, clinics, level-based matchplay, along with other nearby playing opportunities.

Parents are also encouraged to reach out to their local tennis clubs and providers about color ball events.

On an app search bar, select “All Events”. Once on the event search page, you will see a new “Ball Type” filter where you can specify red, orange or green ball events.

Once on the event page, you will see the ball type displayed in the division, so you will know which one to register for.

How does the Color Ball Rating transition into a UTR Rating?

The CBR Rating and the UTR Rating are two different ratings. Once you begin playing green ball events, you’ll begin to see where you will likely “land” when you earn a UTR Rating and play a yellow ball tournament. Once you have your UTR Rating, you will not go back to the CBR Rating.


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