Universal Tennis and Keystone Sports Enter into Official Partnership

Universal Tennis and Keystone Sports Enter into Official Partnership

The companies will elevate the college tennis recruiting experience for European student-athletes.

Palo Alto, CA - Universal Tennis and Keystone Sports announce their entrance into an official partnership today. The companies will work together to elevate the college tennis recruiting experience for European student-athletes looking to play at colleges and universities in the United States.

Universal Tennis plays a significant role in the college tennis space with a full suite of tools and services for college coaches. As the innovator of the UTR Rating, globally recognized as the most accurate measure of a player’s skill level, Universal Tennis provides invaluable tools for college recruiting. 

A division of Keystone Education Group, Keystone Sports is Europe's strongest college sports recruiting solution for student-athletes looking to study in the U.S. and the uniter of some of the most recognized international college sports recruiting companies. 


Since 1998, Keystone’s agencies, AGM & CMAS (Spain and Mexico), uniexperts & Sport-Scholarships (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), Tennis Smart (England), and CSUSA (Scandinavia), have sent over 10,000 international student-athletes from 40 countries to over 820 colleges. The athletes have secured over $500 million in scholarships.

“Universal Tennis’ mission is to grow and transform tennis globally, and Keystone Sports complements that mission perfectly,” said Universal Tennis VP Chase Hodges. “Universal Tennis is thrilled to partner with a company that does so much for college tennis by enabling European players to be matched with college coaches and programs.” 

“At Keystone Sports, our message is that you should be able to pursue your passion for tennis without having to compromise your education,” said Fabien Miard, Head of Keystone Sports. “We offer value to the tennis community in Europe and North America by making more options accessible to young talent in the sport. Universal Tennis has demonstrated a strong drive to innovate and bring positive change to the sport as well, and we are very excited to enter this partnership.”

Universal Tennis’ impact in the college space with the UTR Rating, statistics, college fit tools, College Circuits, and the UTR Pro Tennis Tour is significant. The company’s commitment to helping aspiring junior players worldwide develop their games for the next step perfectly aligns with Keystone Sports.

Along with partnering with Universal Tennis to connect more players and coaches, Keystone Sports will operate as a Universal Tennis Digital Club to run events that offer Verified UTR matchplay. Keystone's College Tennis Showcase scheduled for July 13-16, 2023, in Germany, will take place at the same time as a college coaches convention, allowing hundreds of players to compete in front of coaches and get recruited to the school of their dreams.



About Universal Tennis

The mission of Universal Tennis is to connect and grow the sport with innovative events and a global digital marketplace centered around level-based play. The Universal Tennis Engagement Platform is anchored by the UTR Rating, the world’s most accurate singles and doubles tennis rating system. Universal Tennis provides the tools and solutions to make the UTR Rating relevant and valuable to players, coaches, and organizers in their local tennis communities. Universal Tennis is creating opportunities and pathways for players from all over the world, in all stages of life, to find better matches and unlock a more fun and flexible tennis experience. Go to UniversalTennis.com to sign up, activate your player profile and join the global tennis community. Watch Our Video and connect to social @UniversalTennis to learn more.

Starting in early 2023, Universal Tennis will offer one home for tennis and pickleball, beginning a new chapter by bringing a pickleball rating and technology solutions to another racquet sport. Universal Tennis will enable its customers to use its pickleball rating and event management software to create accessible, competitive level-based events.

About Keystone Sports

Keystone Sports is a division of Keystone Education Group, with a mission to connect international student-athletes with colleges in the United States and Canada. Keystone Sports comprises over 70 employees in 10 countries, most of whom are former college student-athletes. They are experts in placing athletes from many sports, including tennis, soccer, golf, track & field, swimming, basketball, and more. With more than 2, 795 tennis players placed, Keystone is the leading college tennis recruiting company in Europe.

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