Diadem Sports Becomes Official Ball Partner for UTR Pro Tennis Tour Europe

Diadem Sports Becomes Official Ball Partner for UTR Pro Tennis Tour Europe

UTR Sports is announcing Diadem Sports as the official ball partner for the UTR Pro Tennis Tour Europe and for events in Mexico, Canada, and South America. The UTR Pro Tennis Tour (PTT) was launched in 2021 to provide aspiring pros with a pathway to professional tennis.

The PTT is a global developmental tour for players in the 200-2,000 ranking range, with many competing at the Grand Slam level. The 2024 Australian Open features PTT players Ben Shelton, Alex Michelsen, Taylor Townsend, Dane Sweeny, Kayla Day, McCartney Kessler, Taylah Preston, and Yuliia Starodubtseva, among many others in qualifying and doubles.

Diadem Sports designs and develops industry-leading technology to improve and further promote the sport of tennis. Diadem’s continuing mission is to provide superior performing tennis equipment, including balls, racquets, strings, and more, for players of all levels across the globe to elevate their game and maximize their success.

In 2023, while becoming the official sponsor of the Junior National Pathway, Diadem Sports began providing complimentary or discounted equipment to qualifying UTR Sports programs including high school, Team Tennis, and Power Perks subscribers.

Now expanding its partnership with UTR Sports, Diadem Sports Europe will provide an extensive supply of tennis balls for UTR Pro Tennis Tour events, including hundreds of cases for events in Europe. Diadem Sports will also extend its support by providing balls for events in Mexico, Canada, and South America.

“We are thrilled to announce the dynamic partnership between Diadem Sports and UTR Sports, marking an exciting chapter in the world of pro tennis,” said Evan Specht, co-founder of Diadem Sports. “Diadem Sports is honored to be the official ball of the prestigious PTT Europe, and we are confident that our collaboration with UTR Sports will bring unparalleled quality and play to this unique pro experience. As two industry leaders join forces, we look forward to enabling players to achieve their dreams to play pro while providing players with the ultimate tennis experience on the European stage.”

“Diadem Sports’ mission and purpose in tennis are perfectly aligned with UTR Sports’ goal to grow the game,” said Mark Leschly, Chairman and CEO of UTR Sports. “This expanded partnership between the UTR Pro Tennis Tour and Diadem Sports signifies a shared commitment to innovating professional tennis by improving the experience for aspiring professional players.”

The first half of the 2024 PTT calendar features 90 events in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia — 15 of which will offer full hospitality. Each tournament has at least $25K in financial commitment and offers aspiring pros guaranteed prize money and a unique round-robin format that ensures multiple matches each week.

The PTT has expanded from an initial set of 15 countries in 2021 to 25 in 2024, and events are live-streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

The PTT’s latest collaboration with Diadem Sports marks a milestone in tennis by further bringing together Diadem's commitment to quality tennis equipment and UTR Sports' dedication to elevating the sport.

About UTR Sports

The mission of UTR Sports, formerly Universal Tennis, is to connect and grow the sports of tennis and pickleball with accurate global ratings, innovative events, and a global community centered around level-based play. The UTR Sports Platform is anchored by our patented ratings technology. UTR Sports provides the technology tools and solutions relevant and valuable to players, coaches, and organizers. UTR Sports is creating opportunities and pathways, including the UTR Pro Tennis Tour, for players from all over the world, in all stages of life, to find better matches and unlock a more fun, affordable, and flexible experience.

About the UTR Pro Tennis Tour

The UTR Pro Tennis Tour officially began in 2021 to support tennis globally with prize money, venue support, technology, logistics, and competitive play opportunities. Universal Tennis, LLC is the owner and organizing body of the UTR Pro Tennis Tour (PTT), with responsibility for its Rules and Regulations, Code of Conduct, Tournament Format, and related streaming and commercial rights. The UTR Pro Tennis Tour was started to create a development tour. With fewer events and substantially reduced prize money, aspiring professional players are increasingly struggling in the pursuit of their dreams. Working with host venues and national Federations, PTT provides additive and complementary opportunities to help emerging players and the broader tennis community.

About Diadem Sports

Diadem was founded in 2015 with a single goal: develop the most innovative, high-quality tennis products in the world to help players maximize their performance. With a team made up of former collegiate and professional players and coaches, Diadem set out to develop new and exciting products that catered to players of all levels looking to elevate their game. Through a combined 100 years of experience as tennis players and coaches, Diadem has identified challenges in the industry where equipment has failed its players and developed the solutions to overcome those challenges.
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