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UTR Sports Partners with The Pickleball Clinic

UTR Sports, formerly Universal Tennis, now offering pickleball ratings and technology solutions, has partnered with The Pickleball Clinic to become the official rating of one of pickleball’s largest online communities.

Co-founders, Aaron Reznik and Matt Slowinski started The Pickleball Clinic media company to provide resources to the pickleball community through their website, newsletter, and social platforms, including a popular Facebook group. Their network includes over 50 pro players, influencers, coaches, and over 100,000 players.

“We’re excited to partner with UTR Sports and adopt the UTR Pickleball Rating,” said The Pickleball Clinic co-founder Reznik. “Pickleball is a crowded marketplace, and we discovered that the UTR Sports team has the most experience and knowledge regarding ratings and sports technology. They offer a complete rating system, data science, and much-needed solutions for world-class quality and innovation in pickleball.”

The UTR Sports Platform has always been anchored by the UTR Rating, the world’s most accurate singles and doubles tennis rating system. The UTR Tennis Rating rates all players on the same scale, regardless of age, gender, or location.

Equipped with over a decade of expertise, UTR Sports introduced the U.S. and global rating standard for pickleball, the UTR Pickleball Rating (UTR-P), earlier in 2023, The UTR-P is a rating for every pickleball player worldwide, from novices to pro players and everyone in between.

Players looking to get their free rating can get started here.

UTR Sports is harnessing its renowned expertise to enable players and providers to have one home for all their pickleball needs, including ratings, leagues, matchplay, tournaments, and much more. The mobile app features social elements too, allowing players to form groups, meet new playing partners and friends, and organize recreational play at no charge.

UTR Sports’ clients — who range from clubs to college and high school coaches and players who want to organize pickleball — now have a pickleball rating and tools at their fingertips.

Described as “the most trustworthy and informative place to experience pickleball online,” The Pickleball Clinic will help educate the community about the pickleball initiatives UTR Sports is offering and encourage players to claim their free UTR-P Rating.

About UTR Sports

The mission of UTR Sports, formerly Universal Tennis, is to connect and grow the sports of tennis and pickleball with accurate global ratings, innovative events, and a global community centered around level-based play. The UTR Sports Platform is anchored by our patented ratings technology. UTR Sports provides the technology tools and solutions relevant and valuable to players, coaches, and organizers. UTR Sports is creating opportunities and pathways, including the UTR Pro Tennis Tour, for players from all over the world, in all stages of life, to find better matches and unlock a more fun, affordable, and flexible experience.

About The Pickleball Clinic

The Pickleball Clinic is an online community and media platform for players of all levels. The Pickleball Clinic aims to grow the sport of pickleball by providing a place for players around the country (and around the world) to connect and engage in conversation, while creating entertaining and informing content. The Pickleball Clinic's newsletter, Facebook group, and social media platforms includes everything from news, to highlights, to coaching tips, to debates, to interviews, to giveaways, and everything in between.

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