TCU men's tennis coach works with one of his players on court.

UTR Sports Announces Newly Formed UTR Tennis Coaches Association

UTR is synonymous with college tennis. By working with college coaches across all divisions, over the years, UTR Sports has built the gold standard of ratings, provided means for program revenue growth, hosted countless competitive events for college players, and launched the first-ever NIT tennis championship.

Earlier this year, UTR Sports (formerly Universal Tennis) created the Universal Tennis Collegiate Association. The executive committee features 13 coaches across all divisions (Division I, II, III, NAIA, HBCU, and Community College). Now, the association has become the UTR Tennis Coaches Association (UTR-TCA).

To become a free member, fill in this form here.

“The UTR Tennis Coaches Association is a game changer for college coaches,” said Audra Cohen, Oklahoma University Women’s Tennis Head Coach. “It offers collegiate coaches at every level an opportunity to improve and advance their program and college tennis as a whole. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to impact and elevate the future of college tennis, and I encourage every college tennis coach to take advantage of this membership."

Audra Coach feeds tennis balls from a big basket on court.

The UTR-TCA is calling all college coaches to join (for free). UTR Sports’ mission continues to be to elevate and innovate college tennis. By joining, coaches will assist in helping to further advance the initiatives of taking collegiate tennis to the next level.

“As a college coach, we appreciate UTR’s mission to promote college tennis and add visibility at all levels,” said Manny Diaz, University of Georgia Men's Tennis Head Coach. “With the support of college coaches, this association can help add extra support to our great sport.”

Members will have the opportunity to attend all meetings to discuss the future of college tennis and join workshops to learn how to leverage the UTR Sports platform to earn revenue for their programs. Members will get plenty of support from the UTR Sports team, including technical, social, and marketing.

“The UTR Tennis Coaches Association will provide a voice for college coaches across all divisions at zero cost,” said UTR Sports Vice President Chase Hodges. “Our goal is simple: we want to take the ideas from coaches across the country and apply them to further innovate and elevate college tennis.”

Coaches, this is your chance to bring your innovative and creative ideas for collegiate tennis to life and add your voice to the collective collegiate tennis community.

To become a free member of the UTR Coaches Association, please submit this form.

If you have any questions, please contact:

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