Universal Tennis Officially Launches Pickleball Software and UTRP Rating

Universal Tennis Officially Launches Pickleball Software and UTRP Rating

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Universal Tennis has officially added pickleball to its existing platform and marketplace! With access to Universal Tennis’ innovative technology, players of tennis and pickleball can enjoy more local, level-based play and grow their community.

Providers can manage their members' needs for pickleball lessons, clinics, tournaments, and more using the software features that they already know and love as Universal Tennis evolves to transform both tennis and pickleball globally. Players will use the same app for both sports with customization based on their sport type preferences for finding players and ways to play. Providers and players have the ability to choose to view tennis only, pickleball only, or both sports and ratings.

Pickleball participation nearly doubled in 2022 and is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. Universal Tennis communities and player groups want to organize pickleball and now have a new pickleball rating and app at their fingertips. Users access one home for all pickleball and tennis tournaments, matchplay, schedules, results, statistics, ratings, and more.

Leveraging its expertise in the UTR Rating, Universal Tennis is introducing the new UTR Pickleball Rating (UTRP). The UTRP will initially rate players into four groups, from the beginner to the professional level on a scale from P1 to P4. A numerical rating is in development for future release.

“We are thrilled to bring solutions for pickleball to our communities and customers,” said Universal Tennis Chairman & CEO Mark Leschly. “Our mission is to enable as many players and providers as possible to enjoy the benefits of our digital marketplace centered around fun, level-based play and the UTR Pickleball Rating (UTRP).”

All existing customers have access to the new pickleball rating and event management software at no incremental fixed cost, and no need for a new license agreement — click here to learn more. As part of the initial launch, players will also be able to play in any pickleball events on the app with no verified fees.

Universal Tennis is committed to fostering better quality play and helping players unlock a more fun, accessible, and flexible experience on the court.

About Universal Tennis

The mission of Universal Tennis is to connect and grow the sports of tennis and pickleball with innovative events and a global digital marketplace centered around level-based play. The Universal Tennis Engagement Platform is anchored by the UTR Rating, the world’s most accurate singles and doubles tennis rating system. Universal Tennis provides the tools and solutions to make the UTR Rating relevant and valuable to players, coaches, and organizers in their local tennis communities. Universal Tennis is creating opportunities and pathways, including the UTR Pro Tennis Tour, for players from all over the world, in all stages of life, to find better matches and unlock a more fun and flexible tennis experience.

New since 2023, Universal Tennis is offering one home for tennis and pickleball, beginning a new chapter by bringing pickleball rating and technology solutions to another racquet sport. Universal Tennis enables its customers to use its UTR Pickleball Rating and event management software to create accessible, competitive level-based events.

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