TCU & Liberty Win Inaugural NIT Championship

TCU & Liberty Win Inaugural NIT Championship

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Champions are being crowned at Universal Tennis NIT Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. Hosted at the Peachtree City Tennis Center, eight men's and eight women's teams competed from May 17-20 for the honor of winning a national title.

On Saturday, TCU captured the women's trophy by defeating Stetson 4-0, and Liberty defeated Vanderbilt, 4-1. Scroll down for the full box score.

“The NIT championship was extremely well done, just so professional in every way, and made our girls feel special from the moment we walked in,” said TCU head coach Lee Taylor Walker. “We got to play another month of the season with a great team, and so this has been amazing.”


Learn more about the NIT here and view the event page here.

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Day 4, May 20 - Women's Final Recap

The TCU Horned Frogs ended their 2023 season on a high note. Graduating senior and team captain Mercedes Aristegui led the way with her positive energy, while sophomore Jade Otway picked up the MVP award after going 6-0 in singles and doubles.

In the final over Stetson, junior Destinee Martins clinched the championship point on Court No. 5.

(1) TCU def. (3) Stetson 4-0

#1 Tiphanie Lemaitre & Destinee Martins (TCU) def. Cheri Darley & Alanna DiFrancesco (STE), 6-3

#2 Jade Otway & Mercedes Aristegui (TCU) vs. Noa Cohen & Anais Gabriel (STE), 5-4

#3 Helena Narmont & Yu-Chin Tsai (TCU) def. Magdalena Hedzrak & Astigarraga Harper (STE), 6-3

TCU wins doubles point

#1 Tiphanie Lemaitre (TCU) def. Alanna DiFrancesco (STE), 6-2, 6-0

#2 Mercedes Aristegui (TCU) vs. Anais Gabriel (STE), 2-6, 5-2, DNF

#3 Jade Otway (TCU) def. Cheri Darley (STE), 6-3, 6-3

#4 Yu-Chin Tsai (TCU) vs. Noa Cohen (STE), 7-6(5), 1-1 DNF

#5 Destinee Martins (TCU) def. Magda Hedzrak (STE), 6-2, 6-4*

#6 Helena Narmont (TCU) vs. Pilar Astigarraga Harper (STE), 6-1, 5-4


Day 4, May 20 - Men's Final Recap

The Flames brought huge energy to each match and earned the title with wins over UC San Diego, Denver, and Vanderbilt.

"We played some really good teams," said Liberty Associate Head Coach Trevor Foshey. "Us being able to say we played them and we were able to beat them is very impressive, especially the way we did it with thinking our season was over. Now we're able to come back and do it, so I think that shows character at the same time."

Liberty won the doubles point to give themselves some momentum in the final over Vanderbilt before senior Beau Pelletier clinched the title on Court No. 4. Liberty was led by graduating senior Josh Wilson, who is getting ready to start a new chapter when he gets married next month.

“To finish my career with a college title just feels incredible,” said Liberty senior Wilson. “There are only two teams that finish the year with a win, and so to be one of them is very nice.”

(3) Liberty def. (1) Vanderbilt 4-1

#1 Christiaan Worst & Josh Wilson (LIB) vs. Michael Ross & Nathan Cox (VANDY), 5-5, DNF

#2 Deji Thomas-Smith & Luis Felipe Queiroz Miguel (LIB) def. Joubert Klopper & Macsen Sisam (VANDY), 6-3

#3 Thando Longwe-Smit & Zion Heaven (LIB) def. Vandy, walkover

Liberty wins doubles point

#1 Josh Wilson (LIB) vs. Nathan Cox (VANDY), 3-6, 4-3

#2 Christiaan Worst (LIB) vs. Joubert Klopper (VANDY), 3-6, 3-2

#3 Michael Ross (VANDY) def. Deji Thomas-Smith (LIB), 6-2, 6-2

#4 Beau Pelletier (LIB) def. Macsen Sisam (VANDY), 6-0, 6-1

#5 Thando Longwe-Smit (LIB) def. Mitchell Deames (VANDY), walkover

#6 Luis Felipe Queiroz Miguel (LIB) def. (VANDY), walkover



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