UTR Top 10: A Look At The World's Top Rated Players

UTR Top 10: A Look At The World's Top Rated Players

As we head into the BNP Paribas Open, let's take a look at the world's top-rated players according to UTR Rating.

Fresh off his 2019 Australian Open victory, Novak Djokovic (UTR 16.26) leads the pack for the men. The Serbian star has a comfortable hold on the world's highest UTR, although we'll see if there's a rematch between Rafa Nadal (UTR 16.14) and Djokovic at Indian Wells this year. These players are at the top of their game and the top of the ratings charts - take a look at their 3-month trending UTRs - just a 0.02 difference separates the two!


On the women's side (tap the side arrow in the Instagram above), Serena Williams (UTR 13.36) comes in strong, although the women's field appears to be slightly more competitive in terms of level among the top-10 players compared to the men's. With just a .20 difference between the highest UTR (Williams) and the 10th highest - held by Italian Camila Giorgi (UTR 13.26), this is a talented and competitive group of players. We can expect to see upsets, surprises and long, hard-fought matches within this group.

Want to know more about how these stands are created and how UTR Rating works? Click here. 

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