Landon Ardila in action on the UTR Pro Tennis Tour.

UTR Pro Tennis Tour Recap: June Winners in Japan, Taiwan and More

Welcome to the UTR Pro Tennis Tour winner's round-up. During June, nine UTR Pro Tennis Tour (PTT) tournaments took place in Taiwan, Romania, the United States, and Japan.

Ever PTT is a $25K professional event that offers aspiring pros guaranteed prize money and multiple matches, thanks to a unique round-robin format. Winner's checks are $3,600, and every player pockets some share of the prize money.

Since launching in 2021, UTR Sports has hosted more than 670 tournaments in 28 countries, awarding more than $13M in prize money.

June UTR Pro Tennis Tour Winners

June 3-9

Romania - Bogdan Pavel
Taiwan - Fang-An Lin

June 10-16

Charleston - Landon Ardila (pictured)
Charleston - Piper Charney
Taiwan - Aditya Vishal Balsekar
Romania - Oleksandra Oliynykova

June 17-24

Japan - Yura Nakagawa
Japan - Ryota Tanuma

June 24-30

Japan - Corey Craig

About the UTR Pro Tennis Tour (PTT)

The UTR Pro Tennis Tour officially began in 2021 to support tennis globally with prize money, venue support, technology, logistics, and competitive play opportunities. Universal Tennis, LLC is the owner and organizing body of the UTR Pro Tennis Tour (PTT), with responsibility for its Rules and Regulations, Code of Conduct, Tournament Format, and related streaming and commercial rights. The UTR Pro Tennis Tour was started to create a development tour. With fewer events and substantially reduced prize money, aspiring professional players are increasingly struggling in the pursuit of their dreams. Working with host venues and national Federations, PTT provides additive and complementary opportunities to help emerging players and the broader tennis community.

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