Universal Tennis: Reimagining the Sport of Tennis

Universal Tennis: Reimagining the Sport of Tennis

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In 2017, we knew the UTR Rating was unparalleled - the gold standard that brings everyone together on the same scale. More importantly, however, we imagined an opportunity to build around the core of the rating to create a global marketplace platform and community passionate about tennis - Universal Tennis. We will always have the UTR Rating and today we become Universal Tennis.

The rating is the best in the world and our focus has broadened into innovating tennis and bringing the sport not only to players at all levels, but from all backgrounds. From grassroots events and programming like Flex Leagues and Team Tennis serving recreational players up to the pros with the UTR Pro Tennis Tour, Universal Tennis continues to provide transformative experiences for tennis players all over the world.

Today, we enter the next chapter of our growth. We are reimagining our branding and leaning into our new brand name - Universal Tennis. This shifts our sights firmly towards the future of the sport, building upon our strong foundation.

What does it mean to be “Universal Tennis?”

In everything we do, we believe in building new models that break down old barriers. We believe that everything we do should be about the passion and love of the sport; about the will to improve, to have fun, and to find friendship. We challenge ourselves to expand the sport to new players, focusing on making the game easier to access and affordable for all. This belief drives us to disrupt by creating best-in-class play, platforms and products - because the old ways of doing things can be improved. There is a movement building, a groundswell that will change how everyone plays and experiences tennis.

The name Universal Tennis encompasses the mission of the company - “To grow the sport of tennis by connecting players globally through level-based play, innovative events and a digital marketplace.” We want to lean into the progress we have achieved and pursue making the sport even more universal.

Our vision, “To transform tennis globally,” is our ambition. We empower everyone and encourage them to improve by providing products and services for players of all levels and providers of events.

A good vision is one that can never be fully achieved. As you aspire to improve your game, we aspire to improve the sport and are excited for what’s to come. We appreciate all you have done to support us and for your love and passion for the game.

Let’s continue to transform tennis together.

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