Universal Tennis Introduces Estimated UTR Ratings and Historical UTR Ratings

Universal Tennis Introduces Estimated UTR Ratings and Historical UTR Ratings

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Have you been wanting to know what your UTR Rating is but haven’t played enough matches recently to have one? Universal Tennis is introducing two new features to solve that dilemma and help players get to level-based play faster with Historical UTR Ratings and Estimated UTR Ratings.

Both types of new ratings will be found on profiles, player lists, event desks, and draws eliminating Unrated Player profiles for good.


What are Historical UTR Ratings?

Historical UTR Ratings apply to players who have had a reliable singles UTR Rating within the last 24 months. If you have played matches and had a UTR Rating at some point in the past two years, you will likely have a Historical UTR Rating appear on your profile with a date reflecting when that rating was valid.

What are Estimated UTR Ratings?

If you’re a new user or have claimed an unrated profile, you just need to answer four simple questions to get an Estimated UTR Rating, which will be displayed as a 2.0 decimal point range, such as 5.25-7.25.

An Estimated UTR Questionnaire was used to test nearly 2,000 players and was found to provide an accurate range estimate 85% of the time. Universal Tennis cannot change Estimated UTR Ratings, but feedback will be welcomed to improve accuracy.

Estimated UTR Ratings will make it much easier for providers to create draws and group players properly based on level. Having an Estimated UTR Rating (or Historical Rating, Verified UTR Rating, or UTR Rating) will be required for anyone that would like to register for events on the Universal Tennis platform. Note that you'll need to update the mobile app to access the questionnaire or see your new rating after completing the questionnaire on a browser.

How do you get your Estimated UTR Rating?

Every time you log in or try to register for an event, the prompt “Get your UTR Rating Started” will appear. Just click next and answer the questions to generate your Estimated UTR Rating. Users will also be able to go directly to their player profile and click on the "Get Rated" button, which will also direct them to the questionnaire.

The questions are: "What type or level of tennis have you played?", "How often do you play?" "Approximately how many matches of 2 or more sets have you played in your lifetime?", and "When did you start playing tennis?".

How to Get to a Reliable UTR Rating

Historical and Estimated UTR Ratings are temporary and will be replaced by Projected UTR Ratings, UTR Ratings, or Verified UTR Ratings as you play more matches. One match result is all it takes to receive a Projected UTR Rating. After approximately five matches, your UTR Rating becomes fully reliable.

Learn more about the difference between Verified UTR Rating and UTR Rating here.


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