TopDog Sports Partners with Universal Tennis

TopDog Sports Partners with Universal Tennis

Today, Universal Tennis and TopDog Sports (TDS) announced a new partnership which will allow members to easily find level-based play and have all their scores count toward the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

Now, players all over the United States and in some international territories will have their TDS league and tournament match results count for UTR and receive a global tennis rating that will allow them to track their progress, know their current level, and play in more competitive matches.

Universal Tennis had the chance to speak with Mike Friedman, the CEO of TopDog Sports about their decision to integrate UTR into TDS.

Tell us more about TopDog and the types of leagues that are part of your network. Why did you decide to create TopDog Sports?

We decided to create TopDog because we saw a need to assist organizations in providing fun activities for their players. Over the years, the software has continued to develop to provide even more functionality. We now have customers across the United States and even a few international clients.

What is the mission of TopDog?

Our mission is to provide organizers with the tools that they will need so they may offer a variety of quality events for their players. We want to make the technology work for them so they may concentrate on providing opportunities for players to participate.

How do you think integrating UTR will benefit your members and players?

TopDog is very excited to be partnering with UTR. We feel that if our players have a verified UTR, they will be able to find more evenly matched opponents allowing for competitive and high-quality matches.

What types of programs are available to customers on the TopDog network?

We have quite a variety of low-cost programs available to our customers. We run many leagues both for individuals and teams. The leagues are played in a variety of formats such as flex, box and round robin. In addition, we offer ladders and tournaments. There is a platform that provides all tournament and league creation needs such as online registration, scheduling, and more. For teams, we offer team management tools such as player availability. There are a variety of communication options which make it easy for players, captains, administrators and organizers to stay informed. The ability to make court reservations, book lessons and match with players your level are all offered online. All of our programs share one database which allows for all activities to be displayed on an individual’s “Player Profile”. The “Player Profile” is one of the most unique aspects of TopDog, with some players having a profile on TopDog reaching back over a decade.

Anything else we should know?

We encourage anyone interested in seeing what TopDog has to offer to visit our website, We are excited to fuse UTR ratings into our growing community of tournament and league members. Players should enjoy knowing their TDS matches will take a more prominent route in modifying their UTR rating.

TopDog League Members can download the UTR App for iPhone or visit to claim or create their free player profile on UTR.

Want to get your club or league using UTR? Visit to learn more and get started.

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