The UTR Sports Mobile App is Now Available on Android

The UTR Sports Mobile App is Now Available on Android

The UTR Sports mobile app is now available to download on Google Play as well as the Apple App Store. The free app makes it easier to get on the court, have fun with friends, and compete with players around you.

Users can access the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Designed to improve the player experience, the app will become your tennis home for more enjoyable, level-based play at your fingertips.

Access the Customizable Home Page

With the UTR Sports app, players can reap the benefits of having everything UTR Sports offers in one place.

The app lets you customize your home feed to find tennis near you. View stats and rankings, follow players and colleges, keep up with results, and post scores. Arrange practice partners, sign up for events, and register for leagues. Moving through the app, you can dive deeper into player profiles by viewing enhanced charts, analytics, and stats.

Your UTR Rating (and/or your UTR-P Rating) will always be visible in the top left of the app. Quickly view and swipe through all upcoming events directly from your home feed or tap on the calendar icon at the top right. The settings gear allows you to customize your feed and profile, view your player groups and clubs, and manage your subscription (upgrade to Power to get the most out of your tennis).

If you do not have any upcoming tennis scheduled, you will see two buttons at the top of the app to either Find Play or Create Play. The UTR Sports app streamlines the steps to get you on the court.

Find Play

The Find Play feature is how UTR Sports gets you on the court more seamlessly than before. By selecting Find Play from the home feed, you can search for events by location, date, and/or event type (tournament, matchplay, Flex League, etc). Once you’ve found an event, you can view all event details, connect with the organizer, register, and pay.

Create Play

Finding players near your level in your community to hit with used to be one of the biggest challenges in tennis—not anymore. This feature in the UTR Sports app can help you grow your group of players to hit against or partner up with.

The Create Play feature keeps you connected with your tennis friends, past opponents, and new players close to you. By selecting Create Play from the home feed, you can set up competitive or casual tennis with friends and players near your UTR Rating for singles, doubles, or mixed doubles.

Create Play allows you to set the date and time, location, game type, and invite players with a share link or choose from your player groups. There are three formats: competitive sets that count towards your UTR Rating, recreational sets with no plans to post scores, or a rally just for fun! You’re then able to publish your event into players’ feeds and search. UTR Sports will notify you when players accept, and you’re ready to play!

Player Groups

Our new Player Groups are a convenient way to connect with and manage communication with players when scheduling tennis. There are two types of Player Groups. UTR Sports automatically creates a group based on players you’ve competed against in our database. As you play more, your pool of opponents grows. You can grow your own player group through the Create Play events you organize or by sharing a link to your Player Group for your tennis friends to join.

Player Group features will expand over time, empowering you to end the struggle of corralling players on various messaging apps or social media platforms to schedule matches or meet-ups.

How To Get Started

  • The app is available to download on the Apple App Store or on Google Play
  • Sign in with your UTR Sports account or sign up for free
  • From Settings in the top right corner, you can update your subscription, profile, feed preferences, notifications, account information, Saved Lists, and Player Groups
  • Keep your profile up to date with your home club or court location, playing background, and preferences
  • The top of your home feed will have two buttons: “Find Play” and “Create Play” and when you scroll down, you’ll see events near you as well as local players and clubs and your recent results
  • Tap “Find Play” to search for local events and leagues
  • Tap “Create Play” to set up singles or doubles with players in your area or from your Player Groups

How to Navigate the Home Screen

The bottom bar includes five buttons to make it easier to access the most common features.

  1. The action (+ sign) button allows you to post media, Create Play, and post a score.
  2. The tennis court button is your Home Feed.
  1. The search button makes it easy to find and research players, events, Paid Hits, Flex Leagues, clubs, colleges, and high schools.
  1. The messaging bubble opens your inbox and is how you also connect with other tennis players in your community.
  1. The profile button leads you to your UTR Rating history and results, analysis, win/loss record, trending UTR Rating, and more. See your recent results, and upload or view media to share with others on your profile.
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