Monthly Spotlight: Universal Tennis Names  Event,  Club, and Newcomer of the Month for April

Monthly Spotlight: Universal Tennis Names Event, Club, and Newcomer of the Month for April

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Providers created tennis events and matchplay opportunities all over the world in April. Universal Tennis is recognizing the club, event, and newcomer of the month.

Newcomer of the Month: St. James Tennis Club (Ottawa, Canada)

Since 1907, the St. James Tennis Club in Ontario has been providing playing opportunities for the community, and now they're taking things to new heights with Universal Tennis. Event organizers completely filled up their first two events and are running their in-house league on the Universal Tennis platform.

The first event was te St. James 2022 Junior Spring UTR Tournament, filling three flights for players under 18 in the UTR Rating 1.5-5.0 range. The second event was a Kickstart the Algorithm Day where players of all ages played multiple matches in order to get a reliable UTR Rating. Held across one day, the format was single sets and over 20 players took part.



Event of the Month: The T Bar M Racquet Club (Dallas, Texas)

The April T Bar M Racquet Club UTR Tournament hosted a level-based event in Dallas for all ages and genders, drawing in 155 participants. Thanks to a compass draw format, each player was guaranteed three singles and three doubles matches. Providers at the T Bar M Racquet Club expected the singles division to max out at 80 players, but they ended up accommodating over 100.

Club of the Month: The Courts of McKinney (McKinney, Texas)

After having over 400 players play in their events in March, The Courts of McKinney hosted seven level-based events in April, including a red ball event for junior players ages 4-7. McKinney has 774 members in its digital club and has run 50 events since joining the platform.

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