Event Spotlight: Verified UTR Match Play at Menlo-Atherton High School

Event Spotlight: Verified UTR Match Play at Menlo-Atherton High School

The day-long Verified UTR Match Play Event at Menlo-Atherton High School resulted in some really great match-ups. There were adults playing kids, girls vs. boys, and people who were in their first UTR event vs. those who had played multiple. Thank you to everyone who followed along over the weekend on our Instagram Takeover! Check out our Top 8 Favorite Moments of the day.

1. Due to the event being open to everyone, we had some very interesting match ups that would never happen in a standard tournament! Here is a first round match from Flight 2 between Kirk Abe (UTR 5.52) and Rohan Patil (UTR 5.22).

2. Hear from Menlo-Atherton High School Coach Tom Sorenson about why he believes that UTR is such an amazing equalizer for the sport.


3. We LOVE a sibling rivalry! Younger brother Luke Jensen (UTR 8.54) bests older brother Jack Jensen (UTR 7.39) in the finals of their UTR flight.


4. College players who are home for the summer came out to get some great match play! Hear from our highest rated player of the day, Claremont Mudd-Scripps Junior Casey Morris (UTR 11.38).


5. Not every day you get the insight of a former TOP 50 WTA player! Monique Javier-Dias talks about her daughter’s, (Natalia Dias - UTR 4), first ever UTR tournament experience.


6. Here are fellow competitors Chris Ruiz (UTR 8.28) and Tom Rohlen (UTR 6.24) talking about their match and UTR tournament experience!


7. In our funniest moment of the day, we had two competitors by the exact same name in the same flight, with 3 tiebreakers! In their first round Flight 5 match, we have Anthony Chen (UTR 3.64) vs. Anthony Chen (UTR 3.68)!

8. The BEST moment of the day... our final in Flight 3! Alex Parikh-Briggs (UTR 6.14) defeated Kimberly Kanchan (UTR 4.60) in our first co-ed final of the day!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the event and congratulations to our flight winners! At the conclusion of the event, everyone who played gained a UTR rating! Want to play in a UTR Event? Visit MyUTR.com/Events to search for events near you.


Flight 1 – Luke Jensen (UTR 8.54)

Flight 2 – Seth Socolow (UTR 6.30)

Flight 3 – Alex Parikh-Briggs (UTR 6.14)

Flight 4 – Conrad Hsu (UTR 5.0)

Flight 5 – Anthony Chen (UTR 3.34)

Flight 6 – Luca Lungeanu (UTR 2.81)

Flight 7 – Casey Morris (UTR 11.38)

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