Boost Your Scholarship Chances at the 2024 Keystone Sports College Tennis Showcase

Boost Your Scholarship Chances at the 2024 Keystone Sports College Tennis Showcase

The 2024 edition of the Keystone Sports College Tennis Showcase, powered by UTR Sports, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this summer. Taking place July 11-14 in Leverkusen, Germany (near Cologne), the Showcase is Europe’s largest tennis recruiting event.

If you’re a high school or junior player, this is your opportunity to increase your chances of getting recruited and securing a tennis scholarship in the U.S.

Europe’s Top-tier College Tennis Showcase

Keystone Sports, comprised of eight sports placement agencies, is Europe’s leading college sports recruiting brand and has helped over 14,000 international students pursue higher education and scholarships in the U.S. and Canada.

The Keystone Sports College Tennis Showcase allows coaches to access all players' recruiting profiles, arrange 1-1 meetings with potential recruits, watch matches in person in Leverkusen, or watch online.

More than 750 players and 330 coaches have attended the Showcase over the years, resulting in over $6 million in scholarships to universities like Florida State University, Wake Forest University, NC State University, Ole Miss, Texas Christian University, and the University of California Berkeley.

To secure your spot (there are only 160 available), click here and use the code UTR10 for a 10% discount.

Maximize the Recruiting Experience

Once again, Keystone Sports is partnering with UTR Sports to provide Showcase players with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in action while also logging verified UTR Rating matches. The UTR Rating is the gold-standard rating for college recruitment.

Outside of the court, attending players will hear from college tennis experts, connect with U.S. coaches, and access resources to enhance their recruiting experience:

  • A dedicated College Tennis Preperation Day
  • Opportunities for video recording for highlight or match videos
  • Q&A sessions with U.S. college coaches and current college tennis player
  • Information sessions covering SAT, TOEFL, and admissions criteria
  • Welcome bags filled with goodies
  • A players' BBQ party

Discover the benefits of the tennis showcase

College tennis recruiting is a journey, and both information and preparation are essential during the process of getting scouted, recruited, and earning a tennis scholarship. The benefits of attending the Keystone Sports Tennis Showcase include:

  • Increase the chances of obtaining a scholarship
    All players receive a virtual recruiting profile with accessible information for U.S. coaches. Players are guaranteed three verified UTR Rating matches for maximum exposure.

  • Enhanced recruiting profile and recruiting process
    Creating a recruiting video is one of the important steps toward securing a scholarship. Players will get access to match footage from the Showcase and can record and edit their recruiting videos under professional guidance during the event.

  • Valuable insights from college coaches and recruiting experts
    The Showcase starts with a College Tennis Preparation Day, which offers insight into college tennis and the recruitment process. Throughout the three-day Showcase, players can engage in Q&A sessions with coaches, alumni, and Keystone Sports experts.

Get more information about the Showcase here.

If you’re looking for a first-hand perspective, in 2019, Germany’s Jasmin Hauska attended the Showcase and she landed a scholarship at Southwestern University in Kansas. She shares how the Showcase contributed to her college tennis journey.

To secure your spot (there are only 160 available), click here and use the code UTR10 for a 10% discount.


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