Anna Frey with her UTR Pro Tennis Tour certificate.

UTR Pro Tennis Tour Champion Anna Frey Heads to the Super Bowl

The UTR Pro Tennis Tour has its first viral TikTok sensation. Anna Frey has become social media famous for (allegedly) looking like San Francisco 49ers NFL quarterback Brock Purdy.

The 16-year-old’s internet fame has gotten so huge she’s being flown to Las Vegas to attend the Super Bowl to watch Purdy’s team face Travis Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Anna Frey:

She’s a Top-rated Tennis Recruit

Hailing from Farmington, Utah, Frey is one of the highest-rated recruits in the country with a UTR Rating of 10.40. Only a sophomore in high school, she’s on track for a Division I college tennis career.

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She's a UTR Pro Tennis Tour Champion

Frey won her first professional tournament in December at the UTR Pro Tennis Tour $25K in Newport Beach, picking up a check for $3,600. Before that, Frey had reached the final of another Newport Beach PTT in September.

The UTR Pro Tennis Tour was created by UTR Sports (formerly Universal Tennis) in 2021. Each $25,000 PTT event guarantees aspiring professional players prize money and multiple matches. Matches, including Frey's, have been aired on Amazon Prime Video.

She first made her pro debut on the PTT in June 2022, and has played in a handful of ITF tournaments since then.

Learn more about the UTR Pro Tennis Tour here.

She’s Gained Over a Million Followers

The start of her TikTok fame began when Frey appeared in a video filmed in the high school hallway about favorite animals.

Though the video had nothing to do with the NFL, the comments blew up with the Purdy doppelganger reference. The internet didn’t forget about Frey over the weeks as Purdy led the 49ers toward the Super Bowl.

“I went and bought a Brock Purdy jersey for the playoffs and I made a TikTok about it and that blew up, too,” Frey told Fox's Salt Lake affiliate.

Her TikTok has since gained more than 1.3 million followers and her Instagram is up to 300K.

Purdy Knows All About Frey

Purdy's well aware of the high school athlete, having talked about the teen during the Super Bowl's media day.

"I think it's funny,"the San Francisco quarterback said. "A lot of my teammate sent me the video, and I was like, 'Why is everyone sending me this video of this girl?' and they were like, 'She looks like you.' It's been a funny joke with all of us."

Next Stop: The Super Bowl

Frey has cleverly leaned into her newfound fame and posted a video about wanting to go to the Super Bowl for the culmination of the 2023 pro football season. Six Star Pro Nutrition has stepped in to fly her out, so she'll be in Vegas for Sunday's Big Game. Move over Taylor Swift, a new celebrity is in town!

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