FAQs on Australia Tennis Events

FAQs on Australia Tennis Events

What is my Competitive Player Profile?

Your Competitive Player Profile is the unique profile generated by connecting your Tennis Australia Tennis ID and UTR Rating. With this connection established, your playing history and upcoming match data will be stored securely, enabling access to advanced analytics.

Why do I need a Competitive Player Profile?

All players competing in Australia must have a Competitive Player Profile in order to enter endorsed events and leagues. This change went into effect 1 September 2023. Already 50,000 Aussies have completed their Competitive Player Profile! So whether you play for fun at your local club or professionally on the UTR Pro Tennis Tour, your Competitive Player Profile will ensure you have the best playing experience for your level.

How can I become a UTR Sports Power Member?

Once you’ve completed your Competitive Player Profile (see above steps), learn more about becoming a Power Member by clicking here.

What is the UTR Rating?

The UTR Rating is the world’s most accurate rating system. It promotes fair and competitive play across the tennis world. All players are rated on the same 1.00-16.50 point global scale based on daily match results.


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