Universal Tennis Officially Launches Global Color Ball Rating for Tennis

Universal Tennis Officially Launches Global Color Ball Rating for Tennis

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Universal Tennis has officially launched the first Color Ball Rating (CBR Rating) to the tennis world. Color ball, also known as progression ball, creates a positive learning experience for new tennis players and allows them to develop their skills using right-sized equipment, court sizes, and formats.

The CBR Rating marks the first time a rating for this youth category has been developed to serve the sport globally. The introduction of the CBR Rating will bring the benefits of level-based play to kids, which will increase their enjoyment of the sport.

“Providing one global solution will do wonders for beginners who will benefit from learning tennis at a pace that fits them best,” said Mark Leschly, Chairman and CEO of Universal Tennis. “Similar to our gold-standard UTR Rating, the CBR Rating will be a game changer for clubs and all providers looking to host events and matchplay for new players while helping them improve and have fun!”

The CBR Rating will allow providers to naturally expand their member base by better serving age 12-and-under players and their parents. Players and coaches will benefit from seeing how the players progress as they learn tennis.

The CBR Rating is the latest rating offered by Universal Tennis, which recently leveraged its innovative technology and proven success with the UTR Rating by adding pickleball and the new UTR Pickleball Rating (UTRP) to its existing app and technology platform.

The CBR Rating was researched and piloted in conjunction with Tennis Australia, which hosts the Australian Open and oversees all tennis Down Under.

CBR Rating groups are named by ball color: red, orange, and green. The color groups are then split into levels, starting with red (R1), then orange (O1 or O2), and finally, green (G1, G2, or G3).

The CBR Rating naturally progresses to the UTR Rating. Players competing in only red, orange, or green ball tournaments will have a CBR Rating. As players move to green ball, they will see where they will “land” with a UTR Rating once they play their first yellow ball verified event.

To learn more about the CBR Rating and color ball tournaments and events, please click here.

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