Universal Tennis Enables Verified UTR Match Results for College Dual Matches Outside of Lineup

Universal Tennis Enables Verified UTR Match Results for College Dual Matches Outside of Lineup

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The Universal Tennis Collegiate Alliance (UTCA) is announcing that all college dual match results will count, including outside of the lineup. This will be effective immediately as many programs are already taking advantage of this feature.

The dual match feature on Universal Tennis allows coaches to submit results from matches outside of the standard Top 6 in singles and Top 3 in doubles. These matches are approved as Verified UTR Rating matches which add another element to the college dual match experience for players that are not in the lineup. Although they won’t count towards the team scoring totals, these matches will give players outside of the lineup an extra incentive to compete and improve.

“Players not in the lineup will now have an opportunity to compete in a Verified UTR Rating match play setting during dual matches. This is significant in the college space as coaches will be able to better gauge their talent outside of their starting lineup,” said Chase Hodges, Universal Tennis Vice President.

To see an example of the extended dual match feature, click here.

“The opportunity for players to get Verified UTR Rating matches that aren’t in the lineup will keep their games sharp and motivated to improve. We look forward to utilizing this in the future,” said Manny Diaz, Head Men’s Tennis Coach at the University of Georgia and a UTCA Executive Committee Member.

Coaches can simply enter the dual matches on their college page or continue to send their full match results to scores@universaltennis.com.

“We appreciate the tremendous support from college coaches all over the U.S. that have submitted results to us as the feedback has been incredible. This added feature should only add another element to the dual match experience. We are certainly excited for the future of college tennis,” said Mark Leschly, Universal Tennis CEO.

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