Universal Tennis Changes Name to UTR Sports

Universal Tennis Changes Name to UTR Sports

Universal Tennis is officially announcing its name change to UTR Sports. The new name reflects the company’s expansion into racquet sports beyond tennis, starting with pickleball.

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UTR Sports (now UTRsports.net) provides the technology tools and solutions to make level-based ratings relevant and valuable to players, coaches, and organizers in their local communities. Players from all over the world, in all stages of life, can find better matches, and unlock a more fun and flexible experience from social and recreational play through pro tournaments. Providers, encompassing anyone who wants to organize play from clubs through college, high school, and youth programs, can access the UTR Sports Platform and mobile apps to access everything needed to host events and leagues, grow their online community, and increase revenue.

The UTR Sports Platform has always been anchored by the UTR Rating, the world’s most accurate singles and doubles tennis rating system. The UTR Rating rates all players on the same scale, regardless of age, gender, or location. Equipped with over a decade of expertise, UTR Sports introduced the new UTR Pickleball Rating (UTR-P) earlier in 2023. The UTR-P is a rating for every pickleball player worldwide, from novices to pro players and everyone in between.

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Additionally, UTR Sports expanded its offerings by adding pickleball to its existing platform, including all tournament and league software in the first half of 2023. With access to UTR Sports’ innovative technology, pickleball players can connect and find play opportunities easily and enjoy more level-based play.

Demonstrating further rating innovation, UTR Sports introduced the world’s first-ever color ball rating for youth who are just getting started in tennis using red, orange, and green balls and specific progression equipment and court sizes. The Color Ball Rating rates players from red (R1) to green (G3) to emphasize the progression from color balls to yellow ball and, ultimately acquiring their UTR Rating.

UTR Sports is leveraging a decade of expertise in level-based play to expand into the world’s fastest-growing sport, pickleball. UTR Sports will continue to provide enriched experiences through world-class products and services for tennis and pickleball players worldwide.

Visit our website at UTRsports.net and download our official app on iOS or Android.

About UTR Sports (Universal Tennis)

The mission of UTR Sports, formerly Universal Tennis, is to connect and grow the sports of tennis and pickleball with accurate global ratings, innovative events, and a global community centered around level-based play. The UTR Sports Platform is anchored by our patented ratings technology. UTR Sports provides the technology tools and solutions relevant and valuable to players, coaches, and organizers. UTR Sports is creating opportunities and pathways, including the UTR Pro Tennis Tour, for players from all over the world, in all stages of life, to find better matches and unlock a more fun, affordable, and flexible experience.

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