What Is UTR? An Explainer

For nearly 10 ten years, UTR has had been building, refining and perfecting not just a rating system, but a proven solution, for tennis. UTR is helping drive tennis participation at all levels, with its core attributes of level-based play and the ability to find players of the same level comprising a fundamental part of the overall UTR rating system and dramatically improving how tennis is played worldwide. As a result, UTR has elicited “aha” moments from consumers, coaches and parents alike, and the UTR “solution” has been welcomed because players have a better experience and are eager to continue playing the sport. Moreover, research suggests that players improve faster in more balanced, competitive environments and the re-integration of genders and ages creates more opportunities for local play, reducing overall tennis related expenses. Check out this quick video to learn more about the benefits of UTR and why level-based play is helping to grow and improve game we all love. You can also watch the video in Spanish, French, German and Mandarin.
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