UTR Pro Tennis Tour Announces 2023 Calendar

UTR Pro Tennis Tour Announces 2023 Calendar

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Universal Tennis has announced the release of the first six months of the 2023 UTR Pro Tennis Tour calendar for the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The initial 2023 schedule features 90 events, up from 63 events in the first half of 2022. Additional events will be announced soon.

UTR Pro Tennis Tour Expands Globally

The UTR Pro Tennis Tour launched in January 2021 with a three-year investment of $20 million (USD) to provide players with $25K events that guarantee four competitive matches per week. Demonstrating the global growth in demand for the round-robin format, the tour has expanded from an initial set of 15 countries in 2021 to 25 in 2023. New host countries in 2022 included the United Kingdom, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Brazil, Greece, India, Italy, and Slovakia. In the first half of 2023, events in Canada and Costa Rica will also go live.

“Over the last two years, the UTR Pro Tennis Tour has made a significant impact on the pro tennis landscape, and we will bring even more opportunities for aspiring pros in 2023,” said Mark Leschly, Chairman and CEO of Universal Tennis. “We have established a strong foundation for the tour, expanding into new locations and providing players a fantastic way to earn money and improve their game.”

UTR Pro Tennis Tour Creates Opportunities

Every UTR PTT event has at least $25K in financial commitment with higher guaranteed payouts for players than $25K ITF events. Players are also benefiting from an increase in events offering full hospitality in 2023. These locations include the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico. The first half of the 2023 calendar will bring the total PTT prize money to $9 million, events to over 460, and competitive, level-based matches to 25,000 since inception.

"It's tough mentally, physically, and emotionally, but once you go through PTTs, you build more momentum," said four-time PTT champion Mia Horvit. "It really just builds confidence because after you get through one match after another, and you get to the finals. It's like, look where I've started, look where I am right now and how much I've achieved, and let's see what I can pursue down the road."

Mia Horvit has won four titles on the UTR Pro Tennis Tour.
Mia Horvit has played in UTR Pro Tennis Tour events all over the U.S. (Photo: Mauricio Paiz)

The PTT continues to deliver a new pathway to aspiring pro players in the 200-2,000 ranking range by providing the most effective opportunities to improve their game. Players use the tour to develop and move up to the ATP/WTA and Grand Slam level.

"It was great to get six matches in, and I ended up winning, which I was really not expecting," said Charleston PT champion Makenna Jones. "I was really grateful that I had that opportunity because it gave me a little taste of, OK, I'm not totally out of this; I can still play more ."

Developing Players for the Next Step

Many PTT players have competed at Grand Slams, including Top 200-ranked ATP and WTA pros Ben Shelton, Taylor Townsend, Jenson Brooksby, Irina Bara, Katie Volynets, Marcela Zacarias, and Li Tu, as well as rising teenagers Liv Hovde, Martin Damm, and Learner Tien.

“There’s a difference between training and getting some matches under your belt,” said five-time PTT champion Tu. “It was so good that the format is round-robin. I was just keen that, no matter what, you get four to six matches every week. Being able to play PTTs and train, compete, save money, and then go play abroad, it’s game-changing.”

For more information on the UTR Pro Tennis Tour, click here, and to view the UTR Pro Tennis Tour 2023 calendar (PDF), click here. Check out the official press release here.

Learn More About the PTT

The PTT is open to players with a UTR Ranking of 200-2000, and wild cards can be awarded to those players with a UTR Ranking of 1-199 or above 2000. Every PTT event creates matchplay opportunities for up-and-coming, collegiate, and pro players thanks to a unique round-robin format. At every event, a group round-robin stage is followed by a World Cup-style playoff, guaranteeing multiple matches and counting all results towards the UTR Rating, the most accurate rating system in tennis. Every PTT event offers 4-6 matches and a minimum of $20,000 in prize money with an earnings guarantee for every participant.

For more information about UTR PTT and to see all of the results, click here.

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