UTR Pro Tennis Tour November Roundup: India and United Kingdom Host First Events

UTR Pro Tennis Tour November Roundup: India and United Kingdom Host First Events

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November was busy on the UTR Pro Tennis Tour (PTT) with the first-ever events held in India and the United Kingdom. Other host countries included the U.S., France, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, and Bulgaria. November also saw the release of the first six months of the 2023 PTT calendar, with 90 events in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Let’s take a look at some of the winners.

United Kingdom Hosts First PTT Event

Harry Wendelken (right) defeated Marshall Tutu in Easton to win the men's $25K PTT. (Photo/Sonee Anderson)

Harry Wendelken, a 20-year-old Brit, won the first-ever UTR Pro Tennis Tour event in Easton with six straight-set wins. It capped off a big month for Wendelken after he won his first ITF M25 in Sunderland.

“I like how was done,” Wendelken told Universal Tennis. “Obviously, you got rewarded the better you did, but you still got some prize money; that was a good thing. Also, in the final, people were watching, and all of it was live-streamed.”

Maciej Rajski Wins Fifth Title of 2022

The Tennis and Pickleball Club at Newport Beach held two men’s PTT events in November, and Maciej Rajski won them both. The 31-year-old Pole has now captured five PTT titles, making him the player to beat and the man with the most PTT titles in 2022.

UTR Pro Tennis Tour Comes to India

Jennifer Luikham (third from right) defeated Suhitha Maruri in the New Delhi final. (Photo/Kamesh Srinivasa)

The All India Tennis Association (AITA) and Universal Tennis teamed up to bring the PTT to India, with a women’s $25K taking place during the week of Nov. 7-13 in New Delhi. The first men’s event will take place Dec. 17-23.

Jennifer Luikham won the women’s title, picking up a $3,600 check, the biggest purse of her career.

“It’s been a splendid week; I am happy that I have finally won the UTR tournament. It’s my first, and to win the first, it’s an amazing feeling,” Luikham told Indian Tennis Daily. “I think it’s a brilliant way of bringing some of the top players together to play one another and have some great match practice which is rewarded with prize money as well.”

Aggies Clean Up in College Station

Giulio Perego won his first professional title on his campus in College Station. (Photo/Brett Sticker)

Texas A&M hosted a joint men’s and women’s $25K PTT during the week of Nov. 7-13. Nineteen-year-old sophomore Giulio Perego captured the men’s trophy for his first professional title on his home campus.

Mary Stoiana won the women’s title with a win in the final over Universal Tennis ambassador Carson Branstine. Like Perego, Stoiana is a 19-year-old sophomore at Texas A&M, but this title marks her second PTT one this year after finishing in first place at another PTT held in College Station back in August.

Teenager Luciana Perry Wins Again

While the U.S. is far from a new host site, a new state joined the prestigious club in November when Tennessee hosted a women’s PTT in Knoxville. Luciana Perry, an 18-year-old high school senior on her way to Ohio State next year, won all six of her matches in straight sets for her third PTT title. She had captured the PTT in Atlanta in October last year for her first pro title ever and added her second trophy in May in Austin.

Photo Gallery (Boca Raton, College Station, and New Delhi)

About the UTR Pro Tennis Tour

The PTT is open to players with a UTR Ranking of 200-2000, and wild cards can be awarded to those players with a UTR Ranking of 1-199 or above 2000. Every PTT event creates matchplay opportunities for up-and-coming, collegiate, and pro players thanks to a unique round-robin format. At every event, a group round-robin stage is followed by a World Cup-style playoff, guaranteeing multiple matches and counting all results towards the UTR Rating, the most accurate rating system in tennis. Every PTT event offers 4-5 matches and a minimum of $20,000 in prize money with an earnings guarantee for every participant.

For more information about UTR PTT and to see all of the results, click here.

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