Tennis League Network Partners With Universal Tennis

Tennis League Network Partners With Universal Tennis

Today, Universal Tennis and Tennis League Network (TLN) announced a new partnership under which results from TLN will count toward the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

Now, players who participate in the 44 TLN leagues in cities across the US will have their TLN match results count for UTR and receive a global tennis rating that allows them to know their level, track their progress, and play in more well-matched and fun league tennis.

Universal Tennis had the chance to speak with Steven Chagnon, the CEO of Tennis League Network, LCC about the decision to integrate UTR into TLN.

TLN players at the league's national tournament

How will UTR benefit TLN players?

The Tennis League Network community enjoys a service that aims to consistently connect the right players with each other in the right format for them. One of our most important challenges is quickly integrating new players into TLN at the correct level; we typically have newbies in their appropriate level by 3 to 5 matches. With UTR incorporated into TLN, players should expect to enjoy a faster route into the appropriate level and great matches.

Tell us more about TLN. What is the history of the league and its mission?

Tennis League Network is the only nationwide flex league connecting players in 44 cities across the United States. We started as one league in the Metro Boston area 14 years ago and have steadily grown by providing the players with the best experience, cutting edge software platform and an active tennis community. Check out our current list of cities served, we've been adding 3-5 cities per year:

What kinds of players are in your league?

We service the recreational adult tennis player and are able to offer multiple levels in each city. We service players who could be categorized from beginners to players with some college experience. Most of our players are looking for a great match but haven't ever received much tennis instruction, though the experience level varies.

What are some of the fun league events you offer?

In some cities we run 1 to 2 local tournaments, but the main yearly event we run is the 11th Annual National Championship held at Crandon Park Tennis Center in Key Biscayne Florida:

We are most excited integrating in UTR ratings into our communities. The players should enjoy knowing their TLN matches might have a bit more meaning modifying their UTR rating.

Interested in getting your organization up on UTR? Visit and click into the "For Organizers" header to learn more.

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