Now UTR Rating is Truly Universal

Now UTR Rating is Truly Universal

Until today, the only scores that counted in tennis were from sanctioned matches. At Universal Tennis, we have always believed that tennis should be universal. That’s why we’re giving all players of all levels the opportunity to self-post scores to make their tennis count towards their UTR Rating.

In order to maintain the integrity of the rating that so many of you rely on worldwide, we are officially introducing UTR Rating and Verified UTR Rating. Here’s how it works:

UTR Rating

UTR Rating reflects all posted results from all your match play, including self-posted scores from individual casual, recreational and competitive play, tournaments, and also Verified matches. This means that all tennis players can now have a UTR. Players can self-post scores to count toward UTR only from their individual unofficial play, not from organized events/matches. Scores from doubles and singles matches can count, and scores must have at least four games to be accepted.

Verified UTR Rating

Verified UTR Rating only reflects results from UTR Verified matches; ie sanctioned events, USTA/ATP/WTA/ITF, elite junior tennis tournaments, college events, high school tournaments, and pre-approved Verified UTR events. Verified UTR Rating is the metric that college coaches use for recruiting and what analysts use to evaluate elite players. Verified UTR Rating is a subset of UTR Rating and will be designated with a blue checkmark on your profile.

If you have played in Verified Events, then you have a Verified UTR Rating and you will see a blue checkmark on your profile, just like a verified social media account. A player may have both a UTR Rating and Verified UTR Rating, if they decide to self-post scores. If a player has a Verified UTR Rating, it is the default rating displayed on their Universal Tennis profile.

We are actively monitoring self-posted scores, and continue to carefully vet and monitor Verified UTR events to ensure the integrity of the results and accuracy of a player’s rating.

In creating the world’s largest tennis community, we will also need to rely on each of you to protect the integrity of the game. If you see something that looks wrong, please alert us so we can continue to work together to ensure the quality of UTR Rating scores.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your racquet, find a friend, hit the court, and post your score!

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