Monthly Spotlight: Universal Tennis Names Newcomer, Club, and Event for August

Monthly Spotlight: Universal Tennis Names Newcomer, Club, and Event for August

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After an eventful four weeks of tennis all over the country, Universal Tennis is recognizing the newcomer, club, and event of the month for August.

Newcomer of the Month: Sunshine Tennis School (Southern California)

The Sunshine Tennis School runs year-round programs and hosted two successful Universal Tennis events in their first month in Monrovia, Calif. in Los Angeles County. The school saw over 70 players register for two singles competitions held across weekends in August and early September.

The Sunshine Tennis School is a non-profit that provides the southern Californian community with local, level-based playing opportunities.

Sunshine Tennis School coaches offer private lessons, hits, group lessons, and clinics for all levels and helped host the event.

Club of the Month: Ace Athletics Tennis Academy (Farmington, Utah)

Located in Utah, the Ace Athletics Tennis Academy facility has three outdoor courts and an additional three court indoor which opened in April. The academy held nine events in August for all ages and levels, and has even more events planned for September and beyond.

Ace Athletics offers classes and court rentals, and the traveling teams go to tournaments with the goal of improving player UTR Ratings.



Event of the Month: Belisario Academy (Miranda, Venezuela)

The Belisario Academy hosted the Belisario Tour by Head /Event #1 at the Izcaragua Country Club in mid-August with 160 players competing on 10 courts in a compass format. Players were placed in five different divisions based on their UTR Rating.

Belisario Academy went all out to make the week-long event fun and educational with off-court activities like a climbing wall, food trucks, yoga, dance classes, nutrition and psychology lessons, and raffles.

Players across different ages and levels competed in Belisario Academy's first Universal Tennis event in August.


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