FILA Style Guide No. 1 - Feb. 2021

FILA Style Guide No. 1 - Feb. 2021

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a particular kind, sort, or type, as with reference to form, appearance, or character.

Welcome to the premiere of the FILA Style Guide, your inside source for this season’s can’t-miss fashion finds. With a focus on comfortable, casual crossover creations that transition seamlessly from the court to the classroom and everywhere in between, FILA’s mix of classic and modern style will let you break through the clutter without breaking the bank.

The Look: Game, Set, Stripes

Nothing says bold, classic style like a set of cool blue stripes. Performance meets its match with the latest Legends collection from FILA. Championing the collection are two distinct styles: the Legends Crew ($65), an admirable choice for on court performance; and the Rally Polo ($70), a casual yet timeless offering fit for any business casual setting.

The Takeaway: Score one for the stripes.

The Look: Ladies’ Lime Check

Lime up, ladies. Whether you're warming up, cooling down, or just hanging with the crew, this is your new go-to statement for style we like to call: tennis chic. The Back Court collection from FILA is highlighted by the timeless Racerback Tank ($35), an athleisure staple featuring a citrusy pop up top, while the Back Court Jogger ($85) -- lime check!--completes the cozy crossover. For a bolder selection, grab the Back Court Cami Tank ($70), featuring a star-crossed back with a splash of citrus accent.

The Takeaway: Citrus always comes through in the clutch.

The Look: F-Box Faves

Did someone say bag check? Score FILA’s Fully Loaded Tennis Bag ($65), the perfect on court companion for your next tournament road trip. Ride in style and lace up a pair of the Tennis 88 ($75), a retro, unisex street style that will undoubtedly become your next go-to pair of kicks.

The Takeaway: FILA classics: street cred, check.

The Look: Tennis Sneaker Seekers

Speed. Comfort. Style. FILA’s go-to performance tennis shoe, the Axilus 2 Energized ($110), is back and bolder than ever. The newest men’s drop, available in a cool Beach Glass colorway, is ideal for line-to-line coverage and is sure to have you ace the competition; while the women’s Wild Lime colorway, offers an unexpected citrus pop, friendly enough to complete any on court get-up.

The Takeaway: Speed. Comfort. Style

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