Universal Tennis Introduces Team Tennis

Universal Tennis Introduces Team Tennis

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Have you ever wanted to play competitive tennis with the excitement of a team cheering you on? Maybe you played tennis in high school or college and are looking to enjoy the team environment as an adult. Or you’re a junior wanting to experience firsthand the comradery of high school and college tennis. Universal Tennis is offering Adult Team Tennis for players 18+ and Junior Team Tennis for players ages 18 and under, each with various divisions based on UTR rating.

Universal Tennis created Team Tennis to combine the fun and excitement of tennis with the thrill of having a team supporting one another. Our innovative format will help players and providers maximize the benefits of team tennis. Players can play on a team with their friends or join a team to build new friendships. Providers can organize fair and competitive match-ups based on UTR Rating, which updates daily to reflect a player’s current skill level based on head-to-head results.

Players will be able to compete multiple seasons across the year with a chance to advance to playoff rounds. Team matches will consist of various lines of singles and doubles and every individual match counts towards a player’s Verified UTR Rating. “This format provides a great way for players to get match play in without traveling far from home,” Spare Time Clubs’ Chrys Atkinson said. “The team component makes playing fun, and the time commitment is much more family-friendly versus an entire weekend tournament.”

Interested in starting a team and bringing Universal Tennis Team Tennis to your club? Click here.

Universal Tennis Team Tennis

Players can compete in singles and/or doubles in Adult or Junior Team Tennis.

The Team Tennis product is user-friendly for providers, team captains, and players alike. Providers can easily create a team league, automatically generate the schedule, and manage teams and players. Team Captains can manage their team pages, update their home match times/locations, and view their rosters. Players have easy access to schedules, standings, records, and the ability to see their results on their player profiles.

“Universal Tennis is a great way for anyone to set up a league with competitive matches because you can say players have to be a certain UTR Rating range, and you know it will produce good matches,” said Mary Cornell, league manager at Life Time Minnesota. “By narrowing the rating range, you’re getting better quality matches.”

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